That brown envelope arrives and you’re thinking

“Yes, bring it on, I’m going to smash this!”

This is what you will be thinking after taking this course. 

Smash Your Standards Check


Standards Check Training


The Course

We have been working with instructors to prepare for their Check Tests, and now the Standards Check since they were introduced.  We help you fully understand, and more importantly, deliver a confident Standards Check.

ADIs come to us because of our experience, understanding of how instructors feel and the high level of knowledge we are able to pass on to you.

We work closely with the DVSA and other top Standards Check trainers around the country including Claire & Ged Wilmot and Blaine & Lou Walsh, making sure we have all the latest information.

To gain the most from this course, we suggest it is done over several weeks, with a period in between to digest, adjust and prepare between sessions.

To be able to deliver a great Standards Check you will need time, commitment and effort and be confident in 3 elements.


Full understanding of the marking sheet. To achieve this you really need to know why the Check Test was changed to the Standards Check, how to adapt your approach to your lessons and how the examiners sheet is marked.

This is done over a relaxing cup of coffee. You will be given all the information needed and notes to take away.


It’s all well and good knowing what’s needed, but to really ‘feel’ what the examiner experiences sitting in the back of your car, you need to be put in that position.

You will sit in the back of one of our ‘live’ lessons and afterwards give feedback on what you saw, felt and then mark the sheet.


By now, you will have both the knowledge and understanding of what the examiner ‘sees’, but to produce ‘the lesson’ with them in the back is a different kettle of fish, so, get practising!

We will sit in the back of one of your lessons and then provide you with comprehensive feedback and further advice.

OK, so you’ve now completed the course, and for some ADIs that’s enough.  Others will want to revisit some parts of the course again.  You decide which parts you want to go over and whatever additional training* you might want, we will be there for you until you are fully able to ‘Smash it’ on your Standards Check.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that we can get you ready for your Standards Check that we will give your package fee back** if you fail all your 3 attempts.

We’re confident it won’t happen!

Book your Course

Book our Standards Check Package online for only £289. 

*Any additional training is at £75 per session.

**Doesn’t include additional training fees

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